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Help charging laptop from V88 Battery Pack

Check the Battery Level

Use the Power Button to check the power level of the V88 Battery Pack - 6 bars means that the battery is full, whereas 1 means the battery is low. If your battery is low, try recharging from solar or the included AC wall charger before connecting to your laptop.

Alternatively, if you have a USB Type C laptop and the laptop is full - the V88 battery pack will not provide any power. Try letting your laptop drain below 90% and then plugging into the USB-C port. Your laptop should begin charging.

Confirm Voltage Setting

If you do not have a USB-C Laptop, you will need to make sure the output voltage of the V88 battery is set properly for your device. You can find your laptop's input voltage on your laptop's AC wall charger. Most laptops will charge at 12V, 16V, or 19V.

If your laptop is in-between voltages, try the lower voltage first - if that does not work, try the next voltage up.

To switch the voltage on the V88 Laptop Battery, remove the laptop output cable first then use the Power Button to select the voltage that is right for you.

Confirm Your Laptop Adapter

Most laptop models have multiple input adapters and it is import to make sure you are using the correct adapter for you laptop. View our Laptop Adapter Guide for more information.

Is the Power Shutting Off?

If the battery is shutting off after connecting to your laptop, your device may be drawing too much power. Our systems are designed to charge most consumer grade laptops, 15" or smaller.

To test, first reset the V88 Battery by powering from your Voltaic solar panel or the included AC charger. Next, try charging your laptop in Sleep Mode. This should help charge some older or more power hungry laptops.

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