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How to charge a Voltaic battery pack from solar

If your Voltaic battery pack is not charging from solar, please test the following to troubleshoot:

1. Does the battery charge from a wall charger or USB port?

Try to charge your battery from the included USB charging cable (V25 / V50 / V75) or AC wall charger (V88 only). If it is charging normally, the battery's power level indicator will increase in sequence.

If this is the case then we will check the solar panel for a solution, please move onto the next question.

2. Were you charging in ideal solar conditions?

All solar panels are designed to maximize their power output only under ideal solar conditions. This is defined as:

  • Panels are outside (not behind a window or under artificial light)
  • Panels are pointed directly at the sun
  • Conditions are bright and sunny, cloud coverage is not ideal
  • Nothing is shading the panel

If all these conditions are true, then please move onto the next question.

3. Is the battery charging at the correct voltage?

All of our USB Battery Packs (V25 / V50 / V75) will charge at 6V while our V88 Laptop Battery will charge only at 18V. Confirm that your battery pack is charging from the correct Voltaic panel and/or AC charger. If it is correct, then there is likely a faulty adapter or cable on the panel end. Please use the contact form below to reach out to our Technical Support Team for further assistance.

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