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Best solar charger for laptops?

Any of our solar laptop chargers will power most consumer grade laptops (15" or smaller), including MacBooks.

When considering what solar charger to buy for your laptop, you should think about the size (in Watts) of the solar panel as all systems include our standard V88 Laptop Battery. For more power hungry laptops, such as a 15" MacBook Pro, or you need to power your laptop for more than 3 hours a day we recommend our Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit or our 17 Watt Solar Charger Kit.

For smaller laptops, or lighter usage, our Array Solar Backpack or Fuse 10W Solar Charger will work well.

You can see a full list of our solar laptop chargers here.

How solar laptop chargers work:

Since your laptop will not charge directly from a solar panel, you will need to use the included V88 Laptop Battery to power your laptop. Simply match the voltage of our battery (12V, 16V, 19V or 24V) to the charging voltage of your laptop. You can find out this charging voltage by checking the "output" voltage of the AC charging cable that came with your laptop, often on the spec sticker on the AC block. Learn more in our Solar Laptop Guide.

MacBook users should read our MacBook Guide for Apple specific requirements.

Choosing the correct laptop adapter:

Unlike a standard AC wall charger, our V88 uses DC power to keep your laptop charged. This means that instead of using your manufacturer's charging cable, you'll need to use a Voltaic laptop adapter. Use our Laptop Adapter Guide to determine which adapter fits your laptop model.

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