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Help charging a USB device or phone

Check Battery Level

If your device won't charge from our battery's USB port, first you should verify the battery's charge level.

V25, V50, and V75 USB Batteries:

Press Power Level Button to show charge level - if all 4 LEDs are lit, then the battery is full.

V88 Laptop Battery:

Simply press the Power Button and read the Power Level Indicator Bars on the LCD Display. Six bars means the battery is full.

Turn on USB Port

Tapping the battery's power button is necessary to activate the USB output of the V15 and V88 battery when in Auto-Off Mode.  For the V50 and V75, simply plug your device in to activate the USB ports.

Try Multiple Cables

Make sure you do not have a faulty charging cable by trying a new charging cable. If you do not have another cable, you can test this by charging from any USB port to see if the device is charging.

Don't Trust Charge Indicators

Even if the device doesn't indicate that it is charging, it might be. See if the battery level rises over time. Oftentimes, devices recognize that Voltaic batteries are not their normal chargers, but will still charge from them anyway. Some devices that are particularly picky will only charge (or will charge faster) when powered off. 

Try leaving your device plugged into the battery for 10-15 minutes and recheck the power level.

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