Best solar charger for tablets?

Every one of our solar chargers and batteries will charge a tablet, but we recommend you use a larger solar panel (measured in Watts) and battery (in mAh or Watt hours) than if you are simply charging a smartphone.

Our most popular chargers for tablets are:

7" Tablets

Arc 10W Kit with V44 Upgrade (10 Watts, 12,000 mAh)

10" Tablets

Fuse 9W (9 Watts, 12,000 mAh)

Arc 10W Kit with V44 Upgrade (10 Watts, 12,000mAh)

Microsoft Surface

Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit (20 Watts, 24,000mAh)

17 Watt Kit (20 Watts, 24,000mAh)

Charges like a standard laptop and requires an adapter Surface Book or Surface Pro 2 adapter.

While all of our batteries will recharge a tablet, only our V44 USB Battery and V88 Laptop Battery will reliably fill a laptop from 0-100%, since some tablet batteries are too large for the V15 to provide a full recharge. 

To charge your tablet, simply connect the USB cable that you use to charge from the wall into the battery included with the Voltaic charger. The Voltaic battery can be recharged from the sun or any USB wall or car charger.

Check out our Guide for Tablet Solar Chargers to see all of the relevant kits that we recommend for tablets.

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