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Best solar charger for GoPros?

All of our products charge a GoPro. Since GoPros have relatively small batteries, they can be charged with a relatively small amount of power.

If you are primarily trying to charge a GoPro, we suggest the following:

Amp (4 Watts, 4,000mAh battery)

Arc 10W Kit (10 Watts, 4,000mAh battery optional)

6 Watt Kit (6 Watts, 4,000 mAh battery)

If you are charging a number of other devices like tablets, DSLRs or laptops, go to the guide for the biggest device to help decide which charger is best for you.

To charge your GoPro, simply connect the MiniUSB cable that you use to charge from the wall into the battery included with the Voltaic charger. The Voltaic battery can be recharged from the sun or any USB wall or car charger.

In addition, check out our GoPro guide for more detailed information on products and charge times.

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