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Best solar charger for DSLR cameras?

Everyone of our batteries and solar chargers is capable of charging a DSLR with the right camera cradle accessory. The key question is how fast you want the camera to charge from solar (more Watts = faster charging), and how much storage you want to 

If you're charging a small point and shoot camera that charges from USB, see our smartphone recommendations.

If you're charging a full-sized DSLR and not charging a laptop, we typically recommend:

Arc 10W Kit with V44 Upgrade (10 Watts, 12,000 mAh)

Fuse 9W (9 Watts, 12,000 mAh)

If you're charging a full-sized DSLR and charging a laptop, most customers choose:

Fuse Laptop Solar Charger (9 Watts, 24,000 mAh)

Arc 20W Kit (20 Watts, 24,000 mAh)

17 Watt Kit (17 Watts, 24,000 mAh)

USB Camera Cradles

Since of systems do not use AC power, you'll need one of our USB Camera Cradles to charge your DSLR battery form USB. The range of charging cradles for each camera are here.

To charge your camera battery, remove it from the camera, place it in the charging cradle and connect the cradle to any Voltaic battery.

Check out our guide to Solar Charging a DSLR Camera for more detailed advice, explanations, and recommendations.

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