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Best solar charger for smartphones?

Every one of our solar chargers and batteries can charge an iPhone or another smartphone. The big questions to ask are how fast you want the phone to charge from solar and how many spare charges do you want to be able to store in the Voltaic battery. The bigger the solar panel (in Watts) the faster the device will charge. The bigger the battery (in Watt-hours or mAh), the more spare charges you can store.

Our most popular solar chargers for smartphones and iPhones are:

Amp (4 Watts, 4,000mAh battery)

Arc 10W Kit (10 Watts, 4,000mAh battery)

Converter Solar Backpack (5 Watts, 4,000 mAh battery)

To charge your phone, simply connect the USB cable that you use to charge from the wall into the battery included with the Voltaic charger. The Voltaic battery can be recharged from the sun or any USB wall or car charger.

In addition, check out our handy guides for charging Android phones and iPhones for more detailed information. 

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