Can you charge my XYZ phone?

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2013 05:30PM EDT

All Voltaic chargers and batteries are designed as universal chargers and should charge every phone made today from the included battery. You can connect to phones via the USB cable that came with your phone, our included Micro and Mini USB adapters, or one of our optional adapters.

That said, sometimes phone manufacturers will deviate off the "standard" USB specification and there will be a charging issue. When manufacturers do this, the device will not charge off of anything but the hardware supplied with it, meaning that it won't charge off of your computer's USB or any third-party products. This doesn't happen very often - if it does, we can normally find a short-term workaround and then integrate a long-term fix into our hardware.

A good test to verify that your device will charge using with Voltaic products is to try to charge it using a USB port on your computer. If it charges from your computer's USB port, it should charge from our products without any problems.
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